$40,000 in instruments, equipment stolen from brothers’ band

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A central Indiana band is out of work, for the time being, after someone stole its equipment and ride to gigs.

Blank Pages is led by two brothers, Daniel and David Deputy. Earlier this month, the pair had loaded up a van and trailer with instruments, lights, props and other equipment for a music video they were planning to shoot.

On October 4, they came outside to find all of their belongings were gone. After checking with family, they concluded that it was stolen and called police.

“They got away with around $40,000 worth of stuff,” said David, the band’s drummer.

The two Mt. Vernon High School graduates decided to go on their own investigation. They found a speaker on eBay that had matched the serial number of their stolen speaker. By the middle of October, they ended up finding their van on the city’s west side.

They called police and had officers verify that the van belonged to them.

The trailer and the missing equipment are still gone, though.

“We’ve been through a lot the last couple weeks,” said the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Daniel Deputy. “Thankfully, we were prepared enough to have most of it insured, but we are still taking a big loss. We’ve been doing this our whole lives. We started the band in middle school. To have everything we’ve worked for stolen is tough for us.”

Blank Pages has done shows through most of the continental United States and in Canada, but the loss is keeping the band in Indiana until everything can be replaced. Two years ago, the band was on the road for three months straight, and last year there were two separate month-long tours.

The brothers believe insurance will cover some of their losses, but have started a GoFundMe to try to get help from fans and music supporters to get back on the road soon.

“We’ve got tons of awesome family, friends and supporters,” David said. “We feel pretty good about getting back up and doing what we’ve been doing.”

Recovering the van was a start, which had a couple pieces of equipment still inside. However, the van was found in worse shape than before it was taken.

It’s at a local body shop waiting to get repaired.

“The ignition’s broke, the locks are broke, and the inside is trashed,” David said. “All the seats were taken out of the inside. It looked like a mess.”

The Christian rock/pop band has logged thousands of miles on the road. The van is with them for all the traveling and even provides them with a place to sleep on many nights.

“That van is our home,” said David. “The trailer is typically filled to the max with all of our equipment and that’s how we get around.”

While the two brothers look to find all the replacement equipment, they said they’re looking at writing new songs and music before hitting the road again.

Anyone with more information on this case should call IMPD.

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