(WTTV/WXIN) — We’re all looking for ways to save money these days, including on those high utility payments.

While we normally think about saving by changing the thermostat and turning off lights, there are also changes you can make in your laundry room. The biggest change you can make is switching to cold water. 

According to energy experts, 90% of the electricity used by a washing machine goes to heating up the water. CNET reports that if you switch to cold water, you can save about $0.50 per load. 

I always assumed that warm or hot water is better at getting out stains. However, experts said most modern detergents are formulated to work better in cold water. Hot water is still a good idea to help kill bacteria on items like towels and sheets.

Another tip is to only run full loads. Washers and dryers use about the same amount of energy on a large or small load, so it’s more energy-efficient to wait until you have a full load to do. Just make sure you don’t overstuff in the dryer.

Speaking of the dryer, try using medium heat instead of high. It may have to run longer, but you’re still using less energy because generating heat takes a lot of juice. 

Additionally, make sure you keep your vent and lint catcher clean so the humid air can escape and dry air can flow in. Keeping the air hose from your dryer to the wall is also a good idea so the machine has a shorter distance to push the air out of the vent.

You can also change the timing of when you do laundry. Try running your machines later at night or early in the morning. Targeting off-peak times will help you avoid the more expensive hours when all your neighbors are eating up power watching TV, or cooking or other things.

Overall, experts say laundry accounts for about 6% of the average utility bill. Making some of these changes could save anywhere from $120 to $200 dollars a year, which could cover several trips to the gas station.