(WTTV/WXIN) — Not only can home improvement projects bring new value to your home, they can also be exciting.

Don’t get so excited that you hurry to call the project “done” before it’s truly finished. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are six steps you should take before signing off on that home improvement job:

  1. Do a final walkthrough with your contractor.  Make sure you note and document any mistakes or defects and get a demonstration of any appliances that came with the project.  You should also ask questions about the materials used and the best ways to clean or maintain the work.
  2. Collect and register any warranties or guarantees that come with the work.  Many warranties cover workmanship or materials used, and the duration of coverage may vary.
  3. Test every system and appliance included in the job.  Even if your project doesn’t include new appliances, other systems in the house may have been affected.  If you notice changes to your lights or water pressure or other systems, you should let your contractor know.
  4. Complete all permits and inspections.  Some projects may require building permits, or electrical or plumbing inspections.  You don’t want financial, legal, or safety issues to come up because you skipped this step.
  5. Make the final payment.  Whatever payment arrangement you made with your contractor, if they did their job, you need do yours.  The project isn’t really done until you’ve paid for it.
  6. Leave a review.  If your contractor did a great job, let other people know about it.  You’ll be helping your friend find a quality contractor, and helping your contractor find their next job.  If the contractor did poor work, you should also let people know about that so they won’t go through the same thing with the same company.

The BBB has a page where you can leave company reviews. Many people go there first to start searching for a contractor. You can also find tips on how to find a trustworthy contractor on the BBB’s website.