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INDIANAPOLIS – There are over 4,000 medical spas across the country–places that offer everything from mammograms to facials to massage to cool sculpting.

One of the newest in the central Indiana area is Franciscan Rejuvenate Medical Spa.

Sandra Evans, the manager of Rejuvenate. is a registered nurse with years of experience in the operating room. She oversees a ten-suite complex that offers everything from dermal fillers to dexa scans.

“We have massage therapy in this location,” Evans said. “Estheticians provide many services from micro needling to cool sculpting, facials. We offer injections for lip lines and mammography.”

Rejuvenate Medical Spa has been operating in the south side location for two and a half years. A vein clinic is opening at the location as well.

The facility is a one-stop shop for self-care with medical supervision.

“It acts as a continuum of care from the retail side to the medical side of things,” Evans said. “We are here to help with stress relief and anxiety and array of health conditions.”

Globally, medical spas are popular and profitable. In 2017, medical spas around the world made close to $11 billion. By 2025, medical spas are projected to make over $27 billion.

Nicole Anderson is a certified massage therapist with 19 years of experience. She offers her clients everything from pain management to relaxation.

“We use the regular relaxation massage. We also do hot stone and we also do pregnancy massage,” Anderson said.

Rejuvenate has a full menu of services. You can learn more here.