Know Your Zone: Program helps rebuild strength after suffering heart attack

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(Feb. 25, 2015)-  There are an estimated one and a half million heart attacks every year in the U.S.  Many patients survive, but to regain their stamina and strength, they need to follow  a prescribed rehabilitation regimen. That’s what 76-year-old Marian Coffey did, after she underwent a double  bypass operation in early February. She entered the Rosegate Cardiac Rehabilitation program after her surgery, and is expected to go home the end of this month.

At the center of this program is strength building with a physical therapist.  Marian climbs stairs, lifts weights and works on balance and coordination.  She also weighs herself every day and records the number.  The record keeping part of the program is called “Know Your Zone.”

Alvin Luster has worked with Marian to make sure she understands the importance of the program and complies.

“We have a scale in the bathroom and keep that chart in the restroom, so every day she can walk in and step on that scale, write down that weight for that day and she can know ‘did I lose or gain,’”  says Luster.

Depending on her weight, Marian could be in three different Zones.  She’s ‘all clear’ is everything is normal.  If she gains three or more pounds, she’s in what’s called the ‘warning zone.’

If she is having trouble breathing or having chest pain, that is the ‘medical alert zone,’ and she needs to call her doctor.

Seniors, like Marian, generally do better if they improve their ability to climb stairs, improve their posture even increase their speed of walking.

Marian Coffey plans on going back to work at the gaming commission when her doctors release her.  If she keeps close watch over her health, she should be able to do just that.

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