Indianapolis woman training to compete in Olympic weightlifting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Weights crashing to the floor is music to the ears of a 26-year-old Indianapolis woman.

Paige Scott never paid much attention to Olympic weightlifting until about three years ago, when she noticed girls practicing.

“I saw girls lifting, doing the Olympic lifts I had never done before. And I thought it was so fascinating. I said, ‘you need to teach me how to do that,’” said Paige. “And then I just never stopped.”

Thirteen times a week for 90 minutes at a time, this Purdue graduate and full-time nanny lifts weights. She’s building toward a total Olympic performance.

“The numbers that I’m always chasing now are in the classical weightlifting movements,” said Paige. “The snatch and the clean and jerk. And currently my best snatch is 101 kilos and best clean and jerk is 130 kilos.”

Translated, the snatch is one clean movement, lifting the weight over her head. The clean and jerk is a series of movements with the weight held over one’s head.

Daniel Brown, who runs all of the programs at Lift Lab, trains Paige.

“She started out just doing it recreationally, just for fun and then she started getting serious about it and decided to make it her focus,” said Brown.

Most Lift Lab clients have no intention of training for the Olympics. And that is just fine with Brown.

“Weightlifting is a lifelong sport. You can start it at any point in time. It’s something that can be done from essentially cradle to grave. It teaches you something new,” said Brown. “So not only are you keeping your body sharp, you’re also keeping your mind sharp, because you’re learning a new skill.”

Maybe not surprisingly, weightlifting as a sport for all ages is growing.

“Weightlifting will strengthen your bones, your joints, your muscles, your tendons, all of those things,” said Brown. “There’s research coming out now about the aging population and talking about not only them lifting weights, but doing things that activate the type two muscle fibers.”

So while Paige works her way to an Olympic medal, it’s important to note the people she lifts with at Lift Lab come from diverse backgrounds. But the goal is the same: get stronger day by day by lifting weight.

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