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(January 21, 2016) -- A survey out of the University of Chicago shows a little over 22 percent of adults in this country own a gun.

That may sound like a lot compared to other countries, but it also means 78 percent of adults in this country don’t own one.

If you are part of the latter group, it might be good to know the best self-defense strategies.

There are a number of websites and YouTube links showing self-defense moves.  They can all be effective under the right circumstances.  Nearly all require drills.

But here is a list of common sense ideas I have found from, “secrets of survival,” which i think we can all benefit.

  1. A onetime self-defense class isn’t the answer.  There are too many ways a person can be attacked for just a couple of maneuvers to be effective. Real self-defense skills need to be practiced regularly.
  2. Know your fitness level. Workouts which build fast, explosive strength can help you overpower an attacker.  These kinds of workouts are used by NFL players, MMA fighters and sometimes military special forces.
  3. For a woman, learning to fight from one’s back is essential. Brazilian jiu-jitsu training is a good regimen to learn.

If you are looking for a martial arts school, here are some questions to ask:

  1. Do you teach how to fight on the ground?
  2. Are classes co-ed?
  3. Do you teach how to fight with or against weapons?
  4. Do you teach psychological ploys? If you are in a situation where an attacker seems like he is going to steal from you, are there things you can say or ways to act which might help?
  5. Do you teach avoidance? Let’s face it, you can escape danger by never putting yourself in a difficult situation.

Again, practice, practice, and practice any and all self-defense techniques you may learn.

The Indiana Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy in Greenwood is a good place to start.  James Clingerman is the owner and instructor.

Click here to see an overview of techniques to disarm a gunman.

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