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INDIANAPOLIS — February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Now, dentists are urging parents to bring their children in for a checkup as some are reporting seeing a spike in cavities.

Like so many other things, many people put off dentist appointments at the onset of the pandemic. But now that people are getting back to their normal routines, a number of dentists have reported seeing more cavities in the mouths of children.

Dentists are now reminding parents to make sure their kids are coming in regularly to avoid longer term problems.

Dr. Anthony Kiesel with Tillery Family Dental says regular checkups are especially important for children as kids can be particularly susceptible to dental issues.

“The outer part of the tooth the part you see, the nice white shiny part that everyone likes to see you when you smile is about half the thickness in a child. So in an adult it may take a year or two to develop a cavity. For a child that happens very fast,” Kiesel said.

Kiesel added that it can be easy to overlook dental issues in children but warns that dismissing any possible problems can potentially lead to even more issues down the road.

One thing that is a common misconception with parents is that the baby teeth are going to come out so it’s not a big deal. But the adult teeth are coming in right behind them, and certainly if you have disease, it can impact the development of the teeth. It can cause developmental problems with the adult teeth which you really want to avoid,” said Dr. Kiesel

Like many dental offices, Tillery Family Dental did experience a bit of a backlog last year as people initially started getting into routine appointments.

Kiesel says things have normalized now and advises Hoosiers to make their appointments as soon as they can.