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(September 9, 2015)-  Dr. Jerrold Goldsmith is an Indianapolis dentist who wants to see more patients.  But how do you get them in the door? There’s a new way and it starts with this website called ZendyHealth.

“It not only aids me, keeping us busy with the type of services, but it helps the patient zero in on a good dentist. That’s going to take care of them and is concerned about them,” says Dr. Goldsmith.

ZendyHealth is a website where patients choose the procedure they need, in a location that’s convenient at a price they can afford.  “They get to dictate what they’re willing to pay, says Dr. Goldsmith.”

The physician who came up with the concept is this man, Dr. Vish Banthia of Los Angeles, California. “ZendyHealth is a marketplace, almost a kayak or a price line for healthcare. Where patients can select a standardized procedure and pick their own price for it, says Dr. Banthia.”

Dr. Banthia realized that empty dental chairs and unused expensive medical equipment like MRI’s and cat scans, cost dentists and physicians lots of money. “To leave an open seat for example, many providers have at least one to three open slots a day and that can result in a 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars of lost revenue, just from overhead,” says Dr. Banthia.

The concept is, better to get some money than no money at all and everyone benefits. It would make sense for an efficient operation, to optimize their schedules and increase efficiencies and generate more revenue. Zendy does the homework for you.

Dr. Banthia says Zendy only uses qualified doctors and dentists. A provider checks your offer, and says either yes or no.

It’s important to keep in mind that the same providers who charge ten times the amount that you might get a certain procedure, are the same providers who are on our system. They just happen to have an empty slot.

Dr. Goldsmith has been part of Zendy for just a few months, and hasn’t seen a big jump in his practice. But his office manager believes this is the wave of the future. “I think right now it’s geared to a lot of cosmetic, the whitening’s and the invisalign’s and those type of service, but I do see in the future, probably most every service could be offered through that website,” says Dr. Goldsmith.

Dr. Goldsmith and others will take insurance as well. In fact, if a patient has a deductible they need to use, insurance companies can help manage that.

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