4 men pretending to be contractors steal from an 80-year-old Indy woman

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An 80-year-old Indianapolis woman falls victim to thieves pretending to be workers for Marion County.

After spray painting her yard and driveway with some strange signs, four men came to the victim’s home and claimed they were there to install underground pipes for Marion County.

Mima West, 80, says she was immediately suspicious.

“He said you need to look at these papers and do this and that and I kept trying to get rid of him,” said West.

Despite her suspicions, the suspects lured her away from her house to  the end of her long driveway and continued the con.

Three of the suspects kept talking to the victim while a fourth suspect took advantage of that distraction.

“They were actually pretty aggressive,” said West.  “But I did go down there because I thought, ‘what is he doing to our driveway?’”

After several minutes she asked for ID and the suspects packed up and left, but when she went back inside her front door Mima noticed her purse had been snatched off her kitchen counter.

“You know, I thought they’re gone and I was happy, but when I saw my purse was missing that was very traumatic for me,” said West.

The suspects stole several credit cards.

The thieves then quickly drove to a gas station and Wal-Mart on Lafayette road and made several purchases before the cards could be canceled.

“It was very upsetting just to think that that would happen,” said West.

She just hopes the fake construction con artists are caught before anyone else falls victim.

“You know I think what is the world coming to?  Of course I know older people do need to be cautious,” said West.  “It just was kind of surreal the way it all panned out.”

Fortunately the suspects left the victims home without anyone getting hurt.

Anyone with information on the suspects can contact Crime Stoppers.

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