3-year-old who lost limbs due to infection now learning to use prosthetics at Riley


Jeremiah Cox (Photo courtesy of Riley Children’s Health)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A little boy who had to have all four of his limbs amputated is now learning how to use his new prosthetic arms.

Riley Hospital for Children says Jeremiah Cox was battling a fast-moving infection and the procedure was necessary to save his life.

Since the operation last fall, the 3-year-old has been working with physical and occupational therapists at Riley to help him master the prosthetics.

“He is such a fast learner. He picks up on things very quickly for his age, which is awesome,” said occupational therapist Amy Bercovitz.

Riley says Jeremiah is making real progress and his personality shines through every second.

“And he is excited when he can do new things. I mean it was so hard for so long for him to do simple things, like scratch his nose or pick up a glass to drink,” said physical therapist Sarah Johnson. “And seeing him be able to do some of the things that were so hard for him has been pretty rewarding.”

The therapists say their goal is to give Jeremiah some independence.

“Giving him the ability to have something that he can start to manipulate and explore his environment with is so important to help him develop cognitively and develop mentally and work on some independent mobility which is what we want,” said Johnson.

Milestones in therapy, like drawing on a chalkboard or using a spoon, give his parents a glimpse into what’s possible in the future.

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