GREENWOOD, Ind. — Two officers with the Greenwood Police Department have been suspended and three others have resigned for allegedly violating the department’s standards of conduct and information technology policies.

The officers, identified as Samuel Bowen and Elijah Allen, are suspended without pay until a disciplinary hearing that is set to take place on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 5 p.m. in the Greenwood City Building.

Greenwood Police Chief James Ison has suggested that the Greenwood Police Merit Commission terminate the employment of both suspended officers if the accusations are found to be true.

Tyler Kintzele, Zane Hennig and Jacob Hagist have each resigned and are no longer employees of the city’s police department.

The named officers are accused of violating the department’s “Information Technology Use” policy, “Mobile Data Center Use” policy and the “Standards of Conduct” policy.

The officers are accused of specifically violating the “Restricted Access and Use” section of the “Mobile Data Center Use” policy. Any violation of this section can potentially involve “Sending derogatory, defamatory, obscene, disrespectful, sexually suggestive, harassing or any other inappropriate messages on the MDC system is prohibited and may result in discipline.”

The Greenwood Police Department defines the parameters of its “Information Technology Use” policy by stating “It is the policy of the Greenwood Police Department that members shall use information technology resources, including computer, software and systems that are issued or maintained by the Agency in a professional manner and in accordance with this policy.”

The third violation of the “Standards of Conduct” policy allegedly involved the “Use of obscene, indecent, profane or derogatory language while on-duty or in uniform.”