25-year-old woman killed in shooting on Indy’s northeast side; car set on fire at scene


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman is shot and killed by a security guard on Indy’s northeast side.

The homicide took place near 42nd and Post, at a property that has seen lots of violence in recent years.

The deadly shooting marked the 4th homicide at the Towne and Terrace complex in just two months.

One witness who saw her friend get killed wants the security guard who allegedly pulled the trigger overnight held accountable.

The shooting took place just after midnight on Brentwood drive.  A witness claims a security guard shot a woman sitting in the front seat of her car.

“He never said to get out of the car, put your hands up or freeze.  He flashed a light and shot into the car,” said Liberty Carnell.

Carnell claims she was in the back seat when her friend, Naytasia Williams, got shot in the chest.

“That’s literally the only friend I got and I’ll never be able to talk to her anymore, “ said Carnell.

Following the shooting, the security guard’s car was lit on fire.  Police confirm that guard was not associated with law enforcement.  In fact the suspect had previously been charged with impersonating police, leading some to wonder why he was allowed to work security.

“He was here on his own recognizance.  He pulled his gun and unloaded rounds into her vehicle on his own recognizance.  He shouldn’t have been here.  He had no place here,” said Dakarai Vonn.

Back in June Zyair Herron was shot to death in the same complex, followed a week later by another killing that claimed the life of Ronald Morris and in July Shawn Hicks was gunned down also on Brentwood.

In the last 3 years, at least 8 homicides have taken place in the half-vacant Towne and Terrace complex.  That’s why some community leaders have repeatedly called for the property to be demolished.

“It’s a magnet for criminal activity and I still believe it needs to be torn down,” said reverend Charles Harrison with Indy Ten Point.

On Friday armed members of the Black Panther party gathered at the scene where candles spelled out the victim’s name and calls for justice were made.

“He just murdered somebody I talk to everyday for no reason at all,” said Carnell.

The city and the home owners have been locked in a legal fight since 2013.  The city acquired nearly 100 units as part of a long term demolition plan, but that plan was put on hold by a court order.

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