24 years later, New Castle man reunites with lost class ring

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NEW CASTLE, Ind- A high school reunion 24 years in the making between a New Castle man, and his class ring.

Back in 1996, Jeremy Godsey lost his brand-new class ring, and assumed he’d never see it again. Until he received a strange message on Twitter just a few weeks ago.

“Hi sir, sorry to bother you. I actually just created this twitter to get in touch with you. I have a class ring from a Chrysler High that has a name "Jeremy" on it, class of 1996," the message read.

When it popped up on Jeremy Godsey’s phone, he didn’t know what to think. He had a class ring back in 1996, but only for a few months until he lost it.

“I know it was here in town somewhere, I was washing my hands and I think it fell off my hands,” Godsey remembered. "I went back trying to retrace my steps and could never find it.”

Somehow, the ring made its way 270 miles south to Westmoreland, TN and into the hands of a then 10-year-old boy named Jason Madden.

"I had it probably since 1999, something like that,” Madden said. "I used to put a piece of cardboard around it to make it fit my finger, and I’d wear it to school.”

Madden says he has no idea who gave it to him back then. As he grew older, he found the ring in his closet. He then decided it was time to track down the owner. He had tried a few times before finally discovering the right school.

"This time I got online and was searching for Chrysler high, and New Castle popped up," Madden said. "So, I contacted the principal and he looked up names for me and I narrowed it down to Jeremy Godsey.”

Somehow, the ring Madden grew up with came from a small town in Indiana that he had never been to or even heard of. When he made contact with Godsey, Godsey could still describe the ring to a T.

Madden has since shipped the ring back to Godsey, who will soon send it in to get resized.

"I'm still kind of blown away and still shocked," Godsey said. "As soon as I got it back I put it on my finger and I’ve worn it ever since.”

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