2-year police investigation nets reputed Chicago gang member in Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS — A two-year-long IMPD investigation culminated with a series of raids across Marion and Hamilton counties before dawn today and the arrested of a Chicago gang member on gun, drug, money laundering and other financial crimes.

Detectives tell CBS4 News that Dujuan Morgan, 45, is an alleged member of the New Breed street gang with extensive Illinois and Indiana criminal records who arrived in Indianapolis’ UNWA community two years ago and began buying distressed properties from which to run his suspected operation.

“I believe that there are opportunities here and they find it easier to operate in Indianapolis than Chicago,” said IMPD Captain Chris Boomershine. “There’s a lot of bad actors in Chicago and I don’t think there are as many bad actors for them to compete against in Indianapolis and we’re dealing with individuals who have a very predatory nature and they use intimidation and acts of violence in many instances to get what they want.”

Morgan, designated as a Serious Violent Felon due to his previous criminal history, was arrested during a traffic stop in the company of a woman and allegedly in possession of narcotics and guns.

As the result of his operation of the Center Township Community Plaza, a neighborhood food mart located at 977 Roache Street in the United Northwest Area, Morgan faces charges of tax evasion, money laundering, perjury and corrupt business influence.

Investigators also raided a second location at 1164 Eugene Street.

“Mostly today our search warrants specified we were searching for documents, any documents that show income, either moving in or out of the person’s finances,” said Boomershine. “Also we were looking for firearms and ammunition.”

Last year IMPD conducted a similar investigation into another couple who utilized properties purchased through third parties to conduct illegal enterprises.

“We’re finding many career criminals who have figured out that if they use cutouts or proxies, if they use other people to do things for them, then they insulate themselves from being discovered by law enforcement,” said Boomershine. “They have learned to not be directly involved in the illicit activities and they’re using other people to do that for them in the hopes that they will evade law enforcement.”

The UNWA community has been the site of more than a dozen murders in 2020 after a few years of relative calm with the most recent killing occuring Tuesday afternoon in the 600 block of West 30th Street.

“Mr. Morgan spends his time mostly on Northwest District and many members of the community describe him as intimidating them, terrorizing them in the neighborhoods, and we’ve been looking at Mr. Morgan for quite some time,” said Boomershine. “I would say I have a number of indicators that would tend to show that he is involved in some of the violence in that area. I have a number of IMPD incident reports. I hear from members of the community and some of the unsolved investigations I don’t want to talk about because they are unsolved and they are ongoing at this point. But certainly he has had a significant impact on the violence that is occurring on the Northwest District.”

Boomershine said he is continuing his investigation into Morgan’s purchase of distressed properties to conduct his alleged operations.

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