2 recycling boxes removed, adding more strain to overflowing location


INDIANAPOLIS – Recycling bins at two northern Indianapolis Krogers are being removed, causing extra strain on an already overloaded recycling location in Broad Ripple.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works announced the recycling bins at the Kroger on Georgetown and Township Line Road would be removed on August 24 by request of the property owners. This means the closest location is Broad Ripple Park’s Evanston Street entrance, about 8 miles away from either location.

The department is directing residents to drop off their recyclables at the bin in Broad Ripple, even though a lot of times it’s overflowing. 

We recently spoke with the DPW about the issue. At the time, they told us drivers weren’t able to visit more often to clean up the overflow.

Now, a DPW spokesperson told us drivers will have more time to service the Broad Ripple location since they don’t have to stop at the two Kroger sites. They’re also asking property owners on the northwest side to reach out if they’re willing to house a bin so that way people don’t have to drive far to find one or overwhelm a single site.

“We want to have opportunities for people to recycle that don’t [or] haven’t signed up for that curbside recycling program, but we also can’t handle a bunch of illegal dumping cases as well,” Hannah Scott, a Public Information Officer for the DPW said.

Kroger recently announced that it is launching its own recycling program, offering customers a way to recycle its Simple Truth packaging. Under the program, people can ship Simple Truth packaging using a free, prepaid shipping level, earning points that can be used to donate to charitable organizations.

DPW says if a bin is full and you throw your stuff on the ground it’s just going to get thrown away. If you need to find another recycling site, you can visit the office of sustainability’s website.

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