2 people killed at Greentown gas station ruled a murder-suicide

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GREENTOWN, Ind. — Investigators in Howard county say a murder-suicide is to blame for two people killed outside a Greentown gas station.

Family members of the two people killed say the man and woman had lived together for years, but recently broke off their relationship.

Police were called Monday night after two people were found shot to death inside their vehicle at Casey’s General Store in Greentown.

While no one at the store heard the gunshots, the fatal encounter was caught on camera.

Investigators believe Timothy Glassburn got out of his truck and climbed into the SUV of his estranged longtime girlfriend Kimberly Butler-Wilson. After a brief struggle, sheriff’s deputies say Glassburn shot the victim multiple times, then turned the gun on himself.

That double killing shocked the small community in Howard County.

“We’re used to hearing about these things in Kokomo or Indianapolis, but to have it in a community our size was unnerving and caught people off guard,” said pastor Eric Roemer.

Roemer is the pastor at Greentown Wesleyan, right across main street from the scene of the crime. He says while violence is rare in the small town, domestic related problems know no boundaries.

“Domestic violence, arguments and fights within families are common no matter where you’re at and there are ways to get help,” said Roemer.

Eric encourages anyone struggling with domestic problems to reach out to their pastor, a mental health experts or their own family, before the issues lead to someone getting hurt or killed.

“There’s still a stigma about saying i need help and it’s only going to go away the more people go and find help and the more people talk about this. It’s not going to go away by being embarrassed about it,” said Roemer.

Anyone who needs help dealing with domestic issues can always contact 211.

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