2 new exhibits, featuring sloths and snakes, to open at Indianapolis Zoo on May 25


Sloth and snake (Photos courtesy of the Indianapolis Zoo)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two very different exhibits will debut at the Indianapolis Zoo over Memorial Day weekend, one featuring two-toed sloths and the other filled with snakes.

The MISTery Park and Extreme Snakes exhibits officially open on Saturday, May 25.

The MISTery Park offers a lush landscape of colorful flowers, tall grasses and trees for visitors to explore. Misters fill the pathways with a cooling fog while actual nature sounds recorded in a South American rain forest play in the background, creating a unique setting for a close encounter with sloths.

One of the slowest mammals on earth, sloths spend most of their day sleeping and hanging out in trees. In the zoo’s open-air habitat, guests will have a perfect opportunity to snap a selfie from just feet away from the sloths while learning about the threats these and other forest species face in the wild.

Extreme Snakes will be located inside the renovated Deserts Dome and will feature more than 20 species of snakes, including some of the world’s largest and most dangerous. Brave guests can get as close as they dare to an animal that’s widely regarded as one of the deadliest snakes on the planet, the highly venomous black mamba.

Nearby, another impressive predator slinks between vines and leaves in a large habitat resembling a forest floor. The reticulated python is one of the largest snake species, growing to nearly 30 feet long. The exhibit also highlights native venomous snakes as well as tips to have a safe experience if people see a snake in the wild.

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