2 facing charges after 6 animals are rescued from ‘deplorable’ conditions

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EATON, Ind. – Animal control workers rescued six animals that were forced to live in filth in Eaton. Now, two people are facing animal cruelty and neglect charges.

Eaton police originally showed up to the home Friday for an ordinance violation of too many abandoned vehicles on the property. Within seconds, Deputy Marshall Chris Liggett knew there was a bigger problem.

“Definitely couldn’t act like nothing was going on, definitely had to step in and do our job,” said Deputy Marshall Liggett.

The home reportedly had no running water or electricity. The Muncie Animal Shelter released pictures showing the inside of the home, trash can be seen piled everywhere. Officers aren’t sure how long the four dogs and two cats had been living in these deplorable conditions.

“They had no food or water and their crate was filled with saturated newspaper and it had just been trampled on and they had been living on that for quite some time,” said a Muncie Animal Care and Control officer.

Percious is at least 20 pounds underweight and has sores on his body from where his bones rubbed on his cage. Animal control workers say all the animals were covered in feces and urine and infested with fleas. The rescued dogs are all different breeds and the youngest is a 6-month-old Terrier mix.

“It’s not fair for them. It’s not a good environment for them. They deserve better. There are adoption places and shelters out there that will help rescue them, just call don’t make the animals suffer,” said Deputy Marshall Liggett.

Officers have not released the names of the suspects yet. All the animals are expected to be just fine after getting proper medical care and nutrition.

“They just want attention, activity and to be dogs, not to be prisoners,” said a Muncie Animal Care and Control officer.

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