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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Indianapolis Fire Department was called to the Indianapolis Zoo Monday when two cars became stuck on the Skyline ride.

Officials say there were two adults and a child in the first car, and the other car had one adult and one child inside. Everyone is  safe and no injuries have been reported. The Zoo is located at 1200 West Washington Street.

The ride carries visitors along an elevated track above the orangutan exhibit.

“A little bit before 4 o’clock we had two of the gondolas stop on the track. And so our team went right to work. We have technicians that work on the ride all day long and they went over and started checking it out and got the scissor lift over,” said Judy Palermo, Senior Manager of Public Relations at the Indianapolis Zoo. “And as part of our community partnership with the Fire Department we called them to help us. And they’re a great partner and they came on in and helped us get the two gondolas down, the people in the two gondolas.

“I know that we had in one car we had a mom, a dad, and a child. And in another car we had a parent and a child.”

Similar incidents have occurred over the past few years.

In October 2014, six guests were rescued from the ride after two cars got stuck. It closed in July 2015 after a mechanical problem caused it to stop and trap some riders. Eight riders had to be rescued. The ride reopened in July 2016.

When the ride was set to reopen last summer, Zoo Executive Vice President Rob Shumaker said the ride had been fixed and is safe. He said in-house specialists, Skyline’s manufacturer and a consultant worked on the ride.

On Monday, Palermo said safety is the number one priority for the zoo and they will look into what caused the incident.