Woman, 18, arrested after trying to hide drugs down her pants

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HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (April 4, 2016)- An 18-year-old woman is accused of dealing major amounts of heroin and marijuana.

A couple months ago, detectives started investigating Courtney Carlisle after getting a tip. Officers stopped Carlisle for a traffic violation on West 7th Street.  According to the police reports, the officer smelled and saw marijuana as soon as he approached Carlisle’s vehicle.

Carlisle allegedly had a “large bulge in the front of her sweat pants.”  Officers quickly discovered Carlisle was trying to hide two large bags of marijuana containing more than 60 grams.  Also shoved down her pants was a sock with heroin in it.

“These narcotics, marijuana, heroin, whatever it may be, it doesn’t really know any age boundaries. It’s a sad thing to say,” said Captain Robert Campbell, with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

Police reports show there was a younger boy riding in the passenger’s seat with Carlisle.  He allegedly tried to also hide a big bag of marijuana down his pants too.

When investigators questioned Carlisle, she told them she was “not a large narcotics dealer but more of a ‘middle’ person.”

“Dealing is dealing. If you’re involved in the sale of narcotics and the distribution of that then you are a dealer of narcotics,” said Captain Campbell.

Court documents show detectives found more drugs and thousands of dollars stashed inside the home where Carlisle lived.  When investigators searched through her cell phone they pulled up text messages dating back to May.

“’I need this. Can you get it to me?’ Just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it’s gone. It doesn’t go away we find that stuff,” said Captain Campbell.

Police reports show in some text conversations, Carlisle requests that the people working for her “not miss sales” and she also asks for them to “sell as much as possible.”  Evidence shows in some messages she even said she would give them a cell phone to use.

Carlisle has been charged with five felony drug charges including possession and dealing.

Investigators wouldn’t comment on the passenger who was riding with Carlisle, only saying that he was a juvenile.

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