18-year-old Indianapolis man found not guilty of murder in Seymour armed robbery

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UPDATE: Cameron Tibbs was found not guilty of murder on November 2, 2016. He was found guilty of carrying a handgun without a license and obstruction of justice def. knowingly or intentionally in an official proceeding. He is set to be sentenced on December 12, 2016.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  — An 18-year-old Indianapolis man is in jail after police say he and two juveniles robbed a pharmacy in Seymour.

The man has been formally charged with murder and was out on bond awaiting trial in Indianapolis.

Cameron Tibbs is accused of killing David Bowman back in December at a northwest side gas station. Tibbs is scheduled to appear in court for trial in September, but now he’s in the Jackson County Jail after being arrested Tuesday night for the armed robbery of a CVS pharmacy in Seymour.

The mother of David Bowman wonders why the teen charged with her son’s murder was out on bond and home detention and seemingly free to commit other crimes. She said this was the outcome she feared.

“I just felt like he wasn’t the innocent kid they were portraying him to be,” said Patty Bowman, “He took my son’s life in cold blood, and you know, this kid needs to pay the price.”

Tibbs was 17 when investigators said he shot David Bowman at a gas station in the 2400 block of Lafayette Road last December.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office filed a murder charge December 17th, but the case was dismissed.

A grand jury later indicted Tibbs on March 22nd.

Bond is uncommon in a murder case in Indiana. But David Hennessy, attorney for Cameron Tibbs, said the state’s case against his client was weak, so that’s why Marion County Judge Grant Hawkins signed off on it.

“If the evidence is weak, and the presumption is weak, then you’re entitled to bail,” said David Hennessy, attorney for Cameron Tibbs.

Hennessy said he got bail and home detention for the teen because video evidence shows the act isn’t murder. Instead, he called it self-defense. Prosecutors in previous filings alleged the murder took place over money Bowman dropped after winning a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Despite the murder charge, Tibbs was released on informal home detention, with permission to attend school, work, church, the doctor’s office, and attorney appointments.

“My question was, if he was supposed to be on house arrest, then why was he out,” asked Patty Bowman.

Seymour police say Tibbs, along with a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old, robbed the CVS pharmacy shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday. They demanded medication and took off in a car.

Seymour police intercepted the car and during a brief chase, Tibbs, who was said to be driving the car, crashed into a tree at nearby Shields Park.

All three were taken into custody.

Police say they found pieces of a hand gun inside the car. Now, Tibbs faces two counts of resisting arrest and armed robbery along with his murder charge in Indianapolis.

Hennessy said he hasn’t talked to his client since his recent arrest.

“I have to believe that he was either unaware and either was being young and impressionable and got caught up in something,” he said.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said bond was set in this case by the court over the prosecutor’s objection.

Criminal Division 5 Judge Grant Hawkins presided over this case. We reached out to his office but were told he is out of town on vacation until next week.


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