15 cats dumped in crate with no food, water; Muncie shelter overcapacity


MUNCIE, Ind. — Muncie Animal Care and Services (MACS) reported finding 15 cats and kittens abandoned in a crate on Sunday evening without food, water or even space.

The animals were found down by the river near Reynard Road. Some of the kittens in the crate were as young as 1 week old.

With the Muncie Animal Control already overcapacity with 400 cats in their care, they’ve taken to calling upon the community for aid as they search for adopters and fosters.

“We have been waiving reclaim fees and have had discounted adoption fees for the better part of the year, and we are still struggling to keep up with the constant intake of dumped or abandoned animals,” said Ethan Browning, director of MACS.

Browning said MACS is called out by residents 20-30 times a day to pick up stray animals or investigate their welfare.

“This is not a shelter or rescue problem, this is a community problem. The community has got to step up and do the right thing. Stop irresponsible breeding accidents and backyard breeding as a source of income, spay and neuter your animals,” Browning stressed.

Assistance is available for those in Muncie who feel unable to afford to spay or neuter their animals.

Browning said shelters should be last resorts for truly homeless animals and pets in cruel situations, yet more and more people call shelters wanting to surrender an animal because it chewed up their couch.

“Do your research if you are planning to take on a pet, know what you need and how to train them, and understand that it is a commitment, not a temporary novelty,” he said.

When it comes to the 15 dumped cats, Browning stated he fully intends to hold the guilty party responsible to the best of his abilities for the pain and trauma they’d put the animals through.

“Hoarders need professional help to prevent the situation from happening again, and if that takes pressing charges to get court ordered therapy, then that is what we need to do,” he said.

Anyone wanting to assist can adopt now from MACS for only $5. More information can be found here.

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