13 cars broken into in Brownsburg as Hendricks County crime trend continues

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Police in Brownsburg are investigating a series of car break ins. Investigators say this week a thief broke into cars at a dozen homes in one neighborhood.

Those thefts follow a series of smash-and-grabs being reported in several areas of Hendricks County.

David Campbell loves to fish and cut up the fillets on the back of his truck. This week, a thief broke into the bed of his truck looking for stuff to steal.

“I know they got in there and moved everything in back of the truck, but I have a lot of fishing gear and they probably didn’t want that,” said Campbell.

The crook didn’t snatch anything out of the truck, but some of his neighbors in the Lake Ridge subdivision weren’t so lucky.

Brownsburg police say this week alone, their officers took 13 reports of car break-ins in the neighborhood, upsetting people who live in the normally peaceful community.

“It’s very frustrating. We work hard for what we have and this is beautiful neighborhood and people want to come in and take what you have,” said Campbell.

It’s dark and grainy, but police say a surveillance picture does show the suspected thief. Brownsburg police say during two of the thefts, a pair of handguns were stolen.

The thefts are also part of a much larger crime trend in Hendricks county.

For the past few weeks, homeowners in nearby Avon have had to clean up shattered glass as thieves broke into cars in that area on more than two dozen occasions.

Surveillance video from one home led to the arrest of two teens for yet another car break-in in Hendricks county.

“From now on we lock ‘em up. Lock the doors at night because you never know when somebody wants to come and take what you got,” said Campbell.

The suspect in Brownsburg did smash the windows of some cars, but several others were left unlocked.

Some of the victims say people simply need to use more caution.

“We have to. If you have valuables, take ‘em inside because that’s what they look for. They look through windows, knock ‘em open and keep on going,” said Campbell.

Investigators don’t know for sure whether the crimes in Brownsburg are connected to the thefts in Avon and elsewhere.

Anyone with information on any of the cases is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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