12-year-old Carmel boy creates Thanksgiving walk in honor of grandma

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CARMEL, Ind. — When your 12-year-old wants to hang out with his best friend on a school night, it’s hard to say no when that friend lives just down the street. It’s even harder when that best friend is family.

“She’s kinda like one of my best friends,” 12-year-old Parker Maiers said about his Grandma Nancy Maiers.

Most days you can find Parker and his brothers at grandma’s house, especially after the news they received earlier this year.

“I had surgery, I had chemo, I had radiation,” Nancy explained. “It’s not easy when you find out you have a brain tumor.”

In January, Nancy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She returned home over the summer, but just a few months, later the cancer returned.

“We just deal with it, you know? You take one day at a time and just deal with it,” Nancy said.

However, you never know how a 12-year-old will deal with this kind of news. Parker’s mother hoped for the best.

“I didn’t really know a lot about it, but I had heard some really sad things about what had happened to some people, and I didn’t know what to think of it,” Parker said.

Parker decided there was something he could do. Every Thanksgiving, the family goes to Grandma’s house for breakfast, then they pack up mimosas and walk around the neighborhood. They visit friends and neighbors and stop in for a quick cheers.

“We’ve stayed in town on Thanksgiving mornings because we didn’t want to miss the knock on the door,” said neighbor Jim Winner. “We’re greeted by the family, the children, the cousin and the dogs, and we’d all toast friends and Thanksgiving, and it’d be a good way to get the day started.”

However, Parker decided their mimosa delivery would be different. He came up with the “Mimosa March,” a one-mile run or walk through the neighborhood to raise money for cancer research.

In less than a month, they’ve raised at least $15,000—over seven times their original goal.

“Yeah, pretty amazing,” Nancy said. “I‘m just overwhelmed with gratefulness and love for my family.”

With their fundraising goal reached, Parker is still focused on another goal, one he already accomplishes every day.

“To be with her as much as possible and hope that she can feel better,” Parker said.

For more information on the “Mimosa March” and to donate, visit this link. All proceeds will go towards to the National Brain Tumor Society.

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