1,000 boxes of food distributed outside Cross Church


INDIANAPOLIS — People were lined up outside Cross Church Thursday after hearing a thousand boxes of food were being distributed.

More than 20 food pantries and churches came together to make this happen. They combined their resources so they could make a real impact during the pandemic.

“Not one organization would be able to answer everything, and that’s our strategy here is to redistribute the food that we are receiving so that the pantries can redistribute the food to their own local communities,” Merlin Gonzales, President & CEO of Faith Hope and Love Community Inc. said.

Some of the people in line needed more than food. They also wanted to connect with fellow Hoosiers. Church leaders were happy to offer prayers and some emotional support.

“There’s a lot of needs but there’s also a lot helps,” Gonzales said, “the community is ready to get involved beyond handing out food.” In the midst of the pandemic, people are willing to help and encourages one another to hope for a better future. Food is important but equally important is the camaraderie that brings hearts together, it brings hope.

To find out more about of Faith Hope and Love Community Inc., visit www.fhlcommunity.org.

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