10-year-old girl calls 911, saves unresponsive grandmother’s life

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 18, 2016)-- A 10-year-old girl is being called a hero after her brave 911 call saved her grandmother's life.

Jasmine Nichols, 10, found herself in one of the most terrifying moments in her young life. She woke up to use the restroom early Thursday morning and found her grandmother not moving in the living room.

"And I came in here I was like she's sweating bad and she wouldn't wake up," said Jasmine.

Jasmine's first thought was to call her mother who was working overnight. Mom told her to call 911 immediately for help.

Although she was in a panic, Jasmine stayed on the phone with the dispatcher providing crucial information about her grandmother's condition.

They took Contance Reid to the hospital where they discovered she had a bad reaction to a new medication.

"I was talking to my friend then all of a sudden I went to sleep and when I went to sleep I didn't wake back up," said Reid.

Once Reid got to the hospital, she couldn't believe what Jasmine had gone through all by herself.

"This one here stuck by me through everything. I stuck by her through everything. But I'm proud of her. Very, so much proud," said Reid.

"They said that if I wouldn't have woke up then she would've died in her sleep. And I thank God for waking me up so I can go tinkle. But I held it for her," said Jasmine.

Although it was a scary experience, Jasmine says she didn't get through that moment alone.

"The Lord he hears my prayers. He hears all of our prayers. You just have to have faith, belief and trust."

The Marion County sheriff says about 50 percent of the households in this county, as well as across the nation, don`t even have a landline in their house anymore. So parents should teach kids how to call 911 on a smartphone even if it's locked.

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