10 spring shows to get ready for summer concert season


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The weather is beginning to turn, but with that comes tons of rain that still can put a damper in outdoor plans.

Life is all about preparation, like how baseball players attend spring training before the start of the season, music lovers must get ready for summer concert season.

I already looked at this summer’s fantastic concert lineup, but now let’s turn our attention to 10 local shows to get your brains in live music mode before the weather will officially break in May.

3/6 – Chief Keef
Deluxe Room

It seems like it’s been 20 years since Chief Keef emerged from the Chicago drill scene in 2011 with a fury of mixtapes got that him signed to Interscope.

Massive singles like “Love Sosa” and “I Don’t Like” got him on the same stage and record as Kanye West, even though he was in juvie during his initial wave of popularity.

3/12 – The Eagles
Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Rock legends The Eagles are making their way to Indianapolis next month. They’re not nearly the same after the death of Glenn Frey in 2016, but it will still be a spectacle.

Turn back time with “Hotel California” below.

3/20 – Mitski
The Bishop

If you’re going to be around Bloomington on March 20, the extremely talented singer/songwriter Mitski is making her way to town.

She has a vibe of early Liz Phair before she sold out. Get lost in the surprisingly heavy “Your Best American Girl.”

3/23 – Rogue Wave
The Hi-Fi

The older we get, the “golden age” of indie rock seems more and more like it was 25 years ago. During that span (think 2003-2010), countless of great bands bubbled to the surface with big hits but never really broke through the mainstream surface.

Take Rogue Wave for example, who are still churning out album after album after 2008’s “Lake Michigan”. It’s sad they haven’t blown up yet, but luckily for us, you can see them in Fountain Square for dirt cheap.

3/24 – Alice Cooper

If you were like me, you thought Alice Cooper retired years ago to become a national classic rock DJ.

He still hosts Nights With Alice Cooper, but the mascara-wearing legend has been as active as a human on six cups of coffee and brings his act to Indianapolis on March 24. Of course, “Poison” is below.

Bonus – “We’re not worthy!”

3/30 – The Black Angels and Black Lips
The Vogue

Austin’s The Black Angels came to America’s attention from the great HBO series “True Detective.” They are surprisingly touring with garage rock band Black Lips.

If you were a fan of the show, remind yourself of the great pysch rock song running against images of the man, the myth, the legend, Rustin Cohle.

Black Lips – Bad Kids

I mentioned the tour is suprising above because these two bands really do not sound alike. If you’re going to the show, you may want to bring a poncho like you’re about to see Gallagher. The band is known to vomit on stage in the past.

Check out their infectious song “Bad Kids” set to some Russian riots in Moscow.

4/4 – A$AP Ferg
Egyptian Room

After rising from A$AP Rocky’s rise in the early part of this decade, A$AP Ferg has been a force in modern rap.

His 2013, his debut “Trap Lord” reached commercial and critical acclaim. He’s still touring behind his second mixtape release last year, “Still Striving.”

4/4 – Cut Copy
The Vogue

Cut Copy is one of the most underrated bands ever. The Aussies have been rocking synths for over 13 years to produce some of the most addicting electro rock in today’s landscape.

They returned last year with their first album in four years, “Haiku from Zero” but dance away to “Hearts On Fire” from ten years ago.

4-14 – Guided By Voices
The Hi-Fi

Bands like The Strokes and other indie rock legends wouldn’t exist without Guided By Voices.

The Dayton, Ohio band has one of the biggest underground followings in music and their songs benefit folks who have short attention spans.

Since most of them are under two minutes, their sets typically feature 50-60 songs. Check out one of their catchiest below.

5-5 – 5/9 – Virginia Avenue Music Fest
Fountain Square

After last fall’s Fountain Square Music Fest, which had some hiccups *cough* pricing *cough*, The Virginia Avenue Music Fest returns this May.

The best part is Hoosiers can see 130 bands for free and proceeds to back to benefit local charities.

This is a cut from Chicago based band The Inventors called “Perfect.” The members originally hail from northwest Indiana and have a sound to climb up the current indie rock ladder.

Take a listen to a live session showcasing the great tune below and check out the entire lineup here.

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