Woman in Greenwood celebrates her 100th birthday

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GREENWOOD, Ind.– A Greenwood woman celebrated a milestone on Wednesday as she blew out candles for her 100th birthday.

Milbra Osborn Butler Brady had a special birthday celebration at Aspen Trace Senior Living in Greenwood. Family members traveled from all parts of the country to take part in her century birthday.

Brady received a letter from Governor Eric Holcomb with well wishes and congratulations on a life well lived.

“May you be filled with warmth as you reflect on all that life has bestowed. After all, it has been said, ‘in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.’ Your perseverance is a testament to your character and strength.”

Brady was born in Danville, Illinois on Feb. 7, 1918. She moved to West Lafayette after marrying her second husband.

Brady was married to her first husband, Floyd, for 41 years, before he passed away in 1981. She married her second husband, Bob, in 1987 at the age of 70. Bob passed away in 2013.

She has five children, nine grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Her great granddaughter, Chelsea, just graduated from college.

Brady attended Eastern Illinois Teachers College and taught for five years. She said her first salary was $50 a month.

“I taught in Danville City Schools, but at that time when you were married, they didn’t want a married teacher,” said Brady. “I was dismissed from the city schools and went to the country schools. I taught at a one-room school. The first one had eight students in six grades, so it was almost individual teaching.”

Brady enjoyed staying active. She traveled to Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal and New Zealand, to play golf.

She remembers receiving her first car, a Ford Model A, and when television was invented.

“Everything is faster now,” said Brady. “No one has time for anything. A lot of things have been invented that we didn’t have back then that are helpful with daily living. I think people spend a lot more time on the go, going here and there than they did years ago.”

Brady said as she looks back at 100 years, she’s been blessed.

“I’ve had a good life,” said Brady. “I haven’t had too many ailments where I’ve been physically ill. I’ve always enjoyed people. I really enjoy being with other people.”

Longevity runs in Brady’s family. Her grandmother lived to see 102.

Brady said her secret to living a long life is taking care of yourself.

“I never smoke and I never drank,” said Brady. “I would usually get to bed early and would get at least eight hours of sleep. So, I guess if it’s anything it might be that.”

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