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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A mother is praising a deputy with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office for how kindly he treated her son with autism at a Colts game.

Teresa Vargas and her son Rhys reluctantly attended the game, knowing Rhys may have trouble with the noise and crowds. When they arrived to the stands, they realized they were right to worry.

“To say that he was completely overwhelmed by the sea of people and the noise would be an understatement,” said Teresa in a Facebook post.

In attempt to remedy the situation, Teresa took Rhys out of the stadium to get some air. While they were outside, the two met Deputy Vest, who asked if he could help.

Vest recommended an area where Rhys would have space, a place to eat and TVs to watch the game.

The two ended up eating lunch with Vest. Teresa said the officer ended up chatting with Rhys and made him feel special.

“I’m incredibly thankful that this young officer was familiar with autism, he didn’t judge, he took time out of his busy day to help Rhys have a successful day, and he was amazingly kind and compassionate,” said Teresa. “This young officer is a reminder of how we should treat people. Simply an amazing day.”