Indy home’s ‘turkey tree’ turns heads for Thanksgiving holiday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – If you need a laugh for the holiday week, check out this sight on the north side of Indianapolis.

This tree has been painted like a turkey!

David Crabb shared this photo with CBS4 from his home on North Pennsylvania Street. According to Crabb, the tree died about two years ago. He started cutting it down last fall but got tired and stopped.

“Last fall I cut the outer branches off, and got tired. I thought I might do something with the tree later, and decided to paint red and white stripes for Christmas 2015,” Crabb said.

And thus somewhat of an “instant” local tradition was born. After Crabb painted the dead tree for Christmas, he and his neighbors have decorated it for other holidays:

  • Valentine’s Day: Adorned with red hearts
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Painted gold, white and green like the flag for Ireland
  • Easter: Neighbors painted it with Easter colors
  • Indianapolis 500: Black and white checkers for the race and 100th running
  • Fourth of July: Red, white and blue
  • Halloween: Black, orange and purple

For Thanksgiving, Crabb said a friend painted the tree to make it look like a turkey, feathers and all. He called it a “random act of fun.”

“I was joking with someone about the tree being ‘vandalized’ as a ‘hate crime’ and realized it was more of a ‘love crime,’” Crabb told CBS4.

He said he thinks other neighbors are waiting their turn for the next holiday.

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