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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A group of teens visiting Indianapolis for the National FFA Convention stepped in to help a family that was forced to live in a hotel after their home flooded.

Randi Jo Amt said in a viral Facebook post that she was originally frustrated with the teens for being loud in the hallway while her children slept.

On Friday evening, Amt says she noticed the teens’ door was cracked, so she decided to stop by and let them know about how her house was destroyed by water.

“I told them that we wanted them to have their fun and we would appreciate their respect to let our kids get good rest,” Amt wrote. “The young man who answered the door told me that he was very sorry about what we are going through.”

Before the mother went to bed that night, she says she noticed that someone had slipped a note under their door. When she opened it, she found a note and cash.

“In a world where some people sit behind screens and become angry on social media, this young man restored my faith that the next generation can make eye contact and show compassion to the person right in front of him,” Amt said.

Afterwards, Amt took to Facebook in an effort to find the teens and thank them for their compassionate act. She later posted an update saying that the kids were from the Eureka, Kansas chapter of the FFA.

“They set an excellent example for my children and their parents should be more than proud.”