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IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden has teamed up with the Indiana Dairy Federation for a tongue-in-cheek video showcasing his intense drive for milk.

Newgarden and his wife Ashley appear in the roughly 5 minute clip on Indiana Dairy’s YouTube page, titled Let There Be Milk: The Josef Newgarden Story.

In the video, Josef Newgarden claims it was his love for milk that got him into the sport of racing. He originally played baseball, but according to him, the sport just wasn’t filling his need for milk.

“As a young kid, and you know, a milk guy — there was just nothing there attached to the sport,” he began. “And so I started getting into racing, and then I saw the Indy 500. I saw that these guys — these guys got it, you know? It was all about the milk. It was all about how do you win the milk? And I’m like, ‘this is perfect. This is my life. I try to win the milk every day.'”

Throughout the video, Josef is seen filling bottles of milk and leaving empty gallons of it around the house, much to his wife Ashley’s dismay.

“I find milk everywhere,” Ashely says in the video. “I find it in his water bottles sometimes which I think is a little bit weird. The floor…I find jugs of milk in the car when I open the door. It’s weird when he packs a lunch box and there’s only milk bottles, right? That’s not just me.”

As any Indy 500 fan knows, drinking milk has become a time-honored tradition for the winner of the Indy 500. Newgarden hopes to get his shot at winning the race (and a cool glass of milk) during the 105th running of the Indy 500 on May 30.