ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Some residents are upset and others are offering support after the Mayor of Zionsville used profane language in social media comments during a discussion on gun control last week.

The comments, from what appears to be the personal Facebook account of Zionsville Mayor Emily Styron, were made four days ago on a post from a local jewelry store. Robert Goodman Jewelers published the post, which encouraged voter turnout and discussed the business becoming a gun-free space, on May 26.

The comments from Styron came after another user, named Joel Bardach, commented on the store’s post saying that recent mass shootings in New York and Texas are “a mental illness problem” and that “good people don’t commit the assaults.”

Styron responded to Bardach in the comment section, saying “I am so sick and tired of the stupid, useless rhetoric by (expletive)s like you when it comes to gun regulation” and “(expletive) you” among other things.

The Zionsville mayor expressed anger with the recent shootings in her comment, saying “(expletive) sick and tired of mass murders if OUR (EXPLETIVE) CHILDREN… it’s time for the majority who know that gun permits and banning automatic weapons is COMMON (EXPLETIVE) SENSE.”

The comment from Styron has since garnered over 45 replies on Facebook and has been shared in screenshots on social media. Some, such as Guy Relford, shared their displeasure with such language being used by an elected official.

Relford, founder and CEO of pro-2nd Amendment non-profit The 2A Project, tweeted that Styron’s comment was an “unhinged, profane rant” with an accompanying screenshot.

“I’m so proud to live in Zionsville, where we have a dignified stateswoman like @styron_emily as Mayor – always willing to engage in a constructive dialogue with her constituents (or not),” the Tweet read.

Other social media accounts, however, have been posting in support of the mayor and saying she has a right to express her anger.

“This is how angry we moms are about gun violence,” said Facebook user Andrea Worthington in a comment. “Get used to it.”

According to the news source Current in Zionsville, Town Council President Jason Plunkett was quoted as saying he was surprised by Styron’s comments.

“The voters in our town expect elected officials to engage residents in a respectful manner whether they share the same opinions or not,” Current quoted Plunkett as saying. “This language and attitude are both disappointing and embarrassing for the town. Obviously school safety and related issues are very important and complex issues that need to be addressed. We must be able to approach our leaders in a civil manner, so that we can solve these serious problems together.”

CBS4 has reached out to Styron’s office for comment and will interviewing her Wednesday.