ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — Zionsville Mayor Emily Styron announced she will not seek a second term, Indianapolis Business Journal reports.

Styron, a Democrat, won her seat as Zionsville mayor in 2019 by a razor-thin 88 votes and has battled with the Zionsville Town Council, whose members are all Republicans, since taking the office. Styron told IBJ that her quarrels with the council are “not unique, but it’s not a fun experience.”

IBJ reported that Styron made the decision not to run in October after talking to her team about if her administration had accomplished its goals.

“It’s clear we’re crushing it,” Styron told IBJ. “And I want to go out on a good note.”

Two candidates have already declared their intentions to run for Zionsville mayor on the Republican side of the ticket: former Zionsville School Board member Jane Burgess and former WTHR news anchor John Stehr.

Styron has come under attack by Republican opponents during her time as mayor and also came under criticism after an expletive-laced Facebook comment about gun control stirred up a heated debate.

Styron said she didn’t regret making her heated comments and called out people for carrying more about using a curse word than about children being shot in schools. While some called for an apology, others supported the mayor’s comments stating she had a right to express her outrage and demand action in the wake of yet another school shooting.

No Democrat candidates have yet to declare for the Zionsville mayoral election at this point.