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INDIANAPOLIS –  A 15-member commission has traveled the state to learn how we can improve public health in Indiana. Health officials have met with communities from New Castle to Seymour, Monticello and more.

There’s one more session happening Thursday in Plainfield that you can attend.

The Governor’s Public Health Commission has been taking part in a series of listening tours. They’re examining the strengths and weaknesses of our public health services in the state.

The focus is on public health funding, workforce, emergency preparedness, governance, data and the integration of childhood and health services.

These public meetings give school leaders, hospitals, elected officials and people in the area a chance to share what they believe needs to be addressed.

“I think they’ve gone extremely well. We’ve had really good attendance at all of the different sessions. Each one of them has a little bit different flavor, but what we’ve heard quite often is a reinforcement of those six work streams that we as a commission are addressing,” said Dr. Kristina Box, the Indiana State Health Commissioner.

She believes they’ve gone extremely well. We asked her – what happens next with the data and information that’s collected?

“We will review each of those work streams briefly,” Dr. Box explained, “What were those issues that were brought up that need to be addressed? Then, we’ll come up with recommendations around each of those work streams and put that together in a final report that we’ll be reviewing in June and voting on, and then getting to the governor in July.”

Dr. Box explained that after that it’ll be up to the governor and our legislators to decide what is the best path forward for improving public health service in Indiana.

“To make sure that going forward we can improve and advance the services that are delivered in an equitable fashion across the state of Indiana,” said Dr. Box.

The final listening session is happening today at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library in Plainfield. It’ll be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The commission is co-chaired by former State Health Commissioner Dr. Jude Monroe, who now serves as the president and CEO of the CDC Foundation, and former state Sen. Luke Kenley, along with Dr. Kristina Box. Former Congresswoman Susan Brooks serves as a non-voting citizen advisor.

Here’s a look at where the previous meetings were held across the state:

  • February 18 – Vincennes University, Center for Technology Innovation and Manufacturing in Jasper
  • February 25 – New Castle-Henry County Public Library
  • March 4 – Ivy Tech Jackson County Learning Center in Seymour
  • March 11 – Huntington City-Township Public Library in Huntington
  • March 18 – Ivy Tech Community College in Monticello
  • March 25 – Calumet College of St. Joseph in Whiting

If you’re not able to attend Thursday’s last listening session in Plainfield you can submit your questions or ideas online by clicking here.