JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — As extreme heat locks in over central Indiana, Hoosiers who work outside for a living are paying the price.

“Hot. Very hot. Gonna stay hot and busy,” said Cody Murphy as he smoothed a cement driveway at a home construction site in Johnson County. “We try to get out here a little early and leave a little early.”

Stephen Able echoed those plans.

”We usually get off early. That’s why we start early. The earlier you start, the earlier you can leave,” he said. “Construction guys, we work a lot in the summer so we can sit at home in the winter.”

All across central Indiana, construction continued in the blazing heat, from the I-69 project west of Greenwood to State Road 135 bridge reconstruction just north of Trafalgar.

Just up the road, at Bargersville Fire Headquarters, Deputy Chief Mike Pruitt said paramedic calls for heat-related issues have multiplied.

“Our EMS crew just left on an environmental emergency and with another fire agency, and in just reading the notes, it was someone who was working outside and became overheated, and so its already happening,” he said.

Pruitt said during a typical fire run, often a second apparatus or EMS truck will accompany the responding crew to provide back up in case the firefighters are overcome by heat.

“When you throw 45 to 50 pounds of fire gear on the body and you go to work fighting a fire, it’s brutal,” he said. “It’s hot inside the fire. We try to get our guys out of the gear, but if there’s work to be done, we still gotta get fresh crews to go in right away.”

Back at the Saddlebrook development, Murphy said even though his concrete crew would knock off by midday to avoid the heat, he still had more work to do.

”I got a pool. I don’t get in it, but I got one,” he said. “I gotta set a shower base when I get down here.”