INDIANAPOLIS — For millions of people all across the planet, chocolate makes everything better.

July 7 is World Chocolate Day, and Yelp is getting ready for the sweet occasion by highlighting the best chocolate shop in each state.

In Indiana, the chocolate champion is SoChatti in Indianapolis.

The business, located in the Circle City Industrial Complex on E. Brookside Avenue, is not your typical chocolate shop that sells bonbons and chocolate-covered pretzels.

SoChatti specializes in liquid chocolate which it says captures the flavor that typically gets lost during the traditional chocolate-making process.

Since the company only uses cacao nibs, organic sugar cane, and organic cacao butter to make its chocolate, SoChatti products are dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free.

SoChatti offers tasting room experiences, plus a kids class, bean to bag chocolate making class, and a chocolate and wine pairing glass.

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