FISHERS, Ind. — Firefighters in Fishers had an anatine adventure Tuesday after receiving a call to help rescue some baby ducklings who’d fallen into a local sewer drain.

Crew members of Fishers Fire Department truck #394 were called upon for the rescue mission after Hamilton County resident Mary Grant contacted them about some baby ducks stuck inside a drain in the 8700 block of Roberts Drive.

A video of the ducks stuck in the drain, taken by Grant, can be seen below:

Video via Mary Grant
Photo courtesy of Mary Grant

“Huge shout out to @FishersFireDept truck #394 who came out to help me save the baby ducks from the drain,” Grant tweeted at 4 p.m. “They were kind, they were compassionate, and they were upside DOWN. Me and my duck friends THANK YOU.”

Upon arrival, FFD crews removed a manhole cover and began to drop into the drain to retrieve the ducklings.

Photos captured by Grant and firefighters on scene captured one firefighter holding another upside down as they reached out for the ducks.

“Ducklings are usually pretty resourceful but we do get called upon, from time to time, to assist nature,” Fishers FD Capt. John Mehling said.

Once several ducks were retrieved from the drain, FFD crews noticed there were still more babies to be rescued. Another manhole cover was removed and another rescue mission was launched.

“The magnetism of the grates was strong today,” FFD fireman Will Ortiz said. “Two separate rescues.”

In total, Ortiz said around 9 to 10 ducks were rescued and returned to their “mama duck”.

“We hope the chicks learn their lesson after the first time and we encourage the parents not to lead them near grates again,” Mehling said. “Hard to say if our words leave an impact.”