INDIANAPOLIS — Frank Castor and his daughter Kelly ride the bus to get everywhere from their apartment near downtown.

”We always depend on it since 2017 and we always take it wherever we go,” said Kelly.

At 9:46 a.m. on Feb. 28, Frank and his daughter were crossing the street in the vicinity of the crosswalk at Ohio and Delaware Streets with the light in their favor when an IndyGo bus rounded the corner as it turned left, missing Kelly but striking her father.

”I was right there in the middle of the street somewhere and the bus came up, pushed me down and ran over me,” said Frank. ”All I know is that I was in pain. The people around me said the bus ran over me twice. Front and back tires.”

FOX59 News has reviewed a surveillance video of the incident and observed the front end of the bus clipping Castor as he attempts to pivot away at the last second.

As he goes down, Castor falls partially under the bus as the vehicle’s tires roll over his feet twice.

”His feet are broken and injured and on his left foot he can’t feel anything,” said Kelly.

Castor is now hospitalized at the Roudebush VA Medical Center where he’s undergone surgery and is beginning physical therapy to learn to walk again, a major source of frustration for the retired serviceman who said he was injured far worse on the streets of downtown Indianapolis than he ever was in the Marines by the very bus system he depends on for transportation.

”I’m 71-years-old and I don’t trust myself driving no more.”

Kelly said she was stunned by the actions of the IndyGo driver before and after the accident.

”I don’t understand how he didn’t see him but he did see me. It doesn’t make sense. That’s one thing that don’t make sense to me. When you see me but you didn’t see him? That don’t make sense,” she said. ”When my dad was on the ground he didn’t say anything. He just kept walking away.”

Court records indicated IndyGo has been sued just 12 times since 2018 though those records don’t indicate if any of the lawsuits resulted in settlements for damages.

IndyGo’s 2021 Annual Progress Report shows the bus corporation reviewed 18 “Near-Miss” incidents, conducted Annual Investigation Training, reviewed or saved 3,200 bus videos, held 10 Accident Review Board Hearings and recovered $230,000 in insurance claims.

“We value safety and are implementing all protocols following this incident, including an internal review,” reads an IndyGo statement after a FOX59 News inquiry.

The Castors are contemplating a personal injury lawsuit against IndyGo.

”They said someone would reach out,” said Kelly. “No one’s reached out.”

Kelly has this advice for downtown pedestrians.

”Be careful crossing the street, and if a bus comes by, let it go before you go.”