COLUMBUS, Ind.- Two Bartholomew County deputies are being credited for rescuing a man from a smoke-filled home. Early Saturday morning, Deputy Bryant and Deputy Burkholder unexpectedly responded to the call near 9th and Union.

“We’re not trained firefighters but we’re trained that we know danger. We know someone’s in jeopardy we go in,” said Lt. T.A. Smith with the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office.

Body camera footage reveals the sound of the smoke alarm going off and the thick black smoke coming out of the front door. A woman alerted them that she heard her neighbor’s smoke alarm beeping.  She was worried there was a fire and someone may be inside.

“She was a good neighbor to hear that and know that’s what it was. Luckily, he did have a smoke alarm and it was going off,” said Lt. Smith.

When no one answered the front door, body camera footage shows a deputy kicking it in and going inside the home.  Within seconds, he rescues a man who wasn’t able to get out on his own.

“He was very confused. The smoke was pretty thick. He had been breathing it,” said Lt. Smith.

Lieutenant Smith is the supervisor for both deputies on this rescue.  Deputy Bryan has been on the force for less than two years.  Deputy Burkholder is still in training.

“You don’t have to say should I go in? Should I not go in? What should I do?  They just took over and they were leaders and that’s what we want,” said Lt. Smith.

A Columbus Police Officer used a fire extinguisher and put out the fire in the kitchen before it spread. Columbus Firefighters then showed up and took over.

“It could be fatal for them if somebody hadn’t alerted them and our deputies hadn’t gotten in there to bring him out,” said Lt. Smith.

The victim was taken to the hospital to be checked out but is okay. Lt. Smith wasn’t these two deputies to recognize what they did that day made a difference.

“Nothing makes anyone prouder. Nothing makes the department prouder. Nothing makes the citizens of Bartholomew County prouder,” said Lt. Smith.