FISHERS, Ind. — Here’s a traffic forecast from the mayor of the city of Fishers about Allisonville Road.

“A lot of orange cones between now and the next few years,” said Mayor Scott Fadness.

However, Fadness said he is happy with the course that has been charted for the popular route on the west of his city.

On Monday, a development plan was released to the public for the stretch of Allisonville between 106th and 126th Streets.

The immediate impact is the construction of traffic circles at 96th Street (in 2023) and 116th Street (in 2024).

That is the start of slowing traffic a bit while also keeping it moving, which begins the process of addressing a key issue city residents want to see, a more neighborly feel to the corridor.

“They want to be able to go to a restaurant or walk to a shop in their local area,” Fadness said. “In order to do that we have to be intentional about our public infrastructure and I think this plan starts to lay out the groundwork as to what that would look like.”

The 96-page plan was the result of about two years of effort, including a six-month review of citizen suggestions by a steering committee. The plan includes additions of trees and green spaces, expanding walkways and making sure existing pike paths are safe.

Fadness said there is a terrific opportunity now to makeover the stretch of Allisonville Road that was originally developed decades ago.

There is no price tag associated with the plan because it outlines general ideas and not specific projects or developments. The next step is to share it with city lawmakers.

“We can still do a lot of this work,” Fadness said. “But I want City Council to feel that they’re a part of it and have their side of it, their ownership because ultimately if we’re going to talk about resources or public-private partnerships they would have to vote on that.”