INDIANAPOLIS — Whether you’re looking to grab some grub or just to wet your whistle, a taste of the south is being served up down home in Indiana. 

Hold your horses no longer, because if hunger pangs have you madder than a wet hen then do we have news for you! South Carolina based scratch kitchen Tupelo Honey is open for business along South Street.

Tupelo Honey as seen from the sidewalk along South Street in downtown Indianapolis.

The site, directly across the street from the Irsay YMCA and mere steps from both Lucas Oil Stadium and Gainbridge Fieldhouse, is quickly becoming a bustling block, with Agave & Rye opening up nearby in recent weeks as well. 

Downtown’s newest dive, or should we say hive, Tupelo Honey is self described as a “southern food revival,” no tent required, although the fixins and hefty helpings may give you reason to shout praises. Famous fried green tomatoes, classic chicken & waffles and drinks to boot.

While much of the menu’s inspiration comes from the south, Tupelo Honey Culinary Director Chris Gibson said much of the ingredients used are Indiana homegrown. 

“We are working with as many local providers as we can to make sure we are bringing Indiana in here and making sure that we are responsibly sourcing as much as we possibly can,” Gibson said. “We’re all just super excited. The staff is wonderful, and they’re just really pumped to deliver some southern hospitality and some southern food with a little bit of a twist.”

Tupelo Honey is dripping with Hoosier flavor and staff. It’s hired nearly 100 locals in both front and back of house positions with more jobs yet to fill as the chain is still hiring. 

Priding itself in local partnerships, Tupelo Honey Corporate Beverage Director Lindsey Farris-Felty said it’s made ties with at least half a dozen local adult beverage purveyors. 

Breweries include Metazoa, Upland, Chilly Water and St. Josep. 

Distilleries include Hotel Tango and Hard Truth.

“If I had even more taps, I would have even more local beers on to get us started here just because there’s a lot of really good craft beer in this town,” Farris-Felty said. “We do a lot of mimosas, and we brunch so hard here. We actually have our sparkling wine on tap, so it’s in stainless steel kegs just like you would get a beer, which is great cause we’re not having to worry about recycling bottles and throw away corks and things like that, so it’s a lot more of a sustainable process.”

Several libations from Tupelo Honey’s extensive drink menu displayed on the bar.

Tupelo Honey’s downtown Indianapolis location celebrated it’s official grand opening March 4. If you go check out their location, keep your eyes peeled for several “Easter Eggs” or design features paying homage to its Indianapolis locale. 

“There are several chalk murals that offer tribute to the Circle City, the floor tiles near the bar area are actually black and white checkered to symbolize the race flag, and we really take pride in calling downtown Indianapolis home here,” Gibson said. “I love this! I love this so much. Yeah, I mean with the bright greens and blues and all these colors throughout the dining room it just pops. It’s so light and inviting that I just think that it’s gonna be great for the town.”