MUNCIE, Ind. – Police arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with a robbery that led to a teen’s shooting in Muncie over the weekend.

Edgar J. Harrell is charged with robbery resulting in serious bodily injury for the Aug. 13 incident at his home on North Wolfe Street.

The 19-year-old told police he was hanging out with four other individuals when one of them invited the victim to the house under the guise of buying marijuana, according to court documents.

They told Harrell they intended to rob the teen when he arrived, although Harrell claimed he thought they were joking and “did not actually intend to rob him.”

The victim arrived with some friends; two people were hiding inside the home wearing masks and “jumped them” while brandishing guns. One of the suspects took keys from the juvenile and handed them to Harrell, who told police he initially planned to take the car for a “joyride.”

He said he then heard gunfire from the house and saw a juvenile fall in the yard. Police said the teen suffered a pair of gunshot wounds.

Harrell later told police he and two other people searched the teen’s car and stole marijuana from inside. Police found Harrell in possession of marijuana when they interviewed him.

“I’m not innocent, bro, we were all, we were all in on it,” Harrell later told police, according to court documents. “But the big dudes and all them took it too far with the gun.”

Harrell “repeatedly” told police he “didn’t want the robbery to go as far as it did.” Court documents indicated someone else was responsible for shooting the teen.

A pair of witnesses told police Harrell and four other people were involved in the robbery and pointed guns “directly at their heads” during the encounter. They were able to get their keys back and got into the car before they heard gunfire, according to court documents.