If you haven’t booked your flight for the holidays yet, don’t keep putting it off! From not until Thanksgiving and Christmas, experts tell us the prices are increasing significantly every day.

Amanda Castle and her husband travel over Christmas each year. Last year, she reached out to Indy travel agent Victoria Fricke in the fall to book her trip.

When she contacted Fricke this summer, she was shocked at the lack of options within her budget.

“Last year she was like, ‘oh, you could do this, you could do this, you could do this’ and this year it’s like, ‘okay, I have two options for you’, you know,” Castle said. “It was just crazy. The prices went up dramatically.”

Fricke said the demand is higher than travel agents have seen in years. She explains buying a plane ticket at this point is going to require flexibility.

“We want to make sure we’re giving ourselves buffer days,” Fricke said. “I don’t trust that you are going to have a seamless experience at the airport during high season travel days.”

Fricke suggests visiting Google Flights to check prices and even checking out nearby airports like Chicago and Cincinnati.

“Make sure we’re booking directly with the airline after we get those prices through Google flights,” Fricke said.

Travel experts with Hopper, a mobile travel booking app that also studies historical data to forecast future prices, expect plane tickets to increase by 10 to 15 dollars a day in November.

“You want to look for the Monday or Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving,” Lindsay Schwimer, Hopper’s Consumer Travel Expert, said. “As early as possible in advance of Thanksgiving is going to save you the most. Then returning home avoiding that Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.”

Experts advise a similar plan for Christmas: flying out the Monday or Tuesday before and back home in the middle of the week between Christmas and New Years.

“Christmas airfares are actually the highest we’ve seen in the past 5 years, so if you are kind of weighing between the two holidays, airfare for Thanksgiving is going to be a lot cheaper,” Schwimer said.

Additionally, the travel experts we spoke with said January flights are much less expensive so you can find a deal if you postpone your trip. Flights are filling up quickly so purchase your tickets as soon as possible, and always purchase travel insurance.