ANDERSON, Ind. – An Anderson teen who shot and killed another teen during a drug deal will serve decades in prison.

On Friday, a judge sentenced De’Torio Fleming to 64 years for murder and attempted armed robbery with a sentence enhancement for use of a firearm.

A jury had earlier found Fleming guilty in the January 2021 shooting that killed 17-year-old Andon Oliver.

Oliver was found inside a vehicle near the Sun Valley Town Homes in Anderson on Jan. 3, 2021. He died at an area hospital. Fleming, then 16, turned himself in.

Fleming had set up a deal to buy marijuana from Oliver, police said. Instead of paying for it, he drew a handgun and told Oliver to hand over the pot.

Before the shooting and attempted robbery, Fleming had asked Oliver if he was armed, according to court documents, leading Oliver to ask if it was a “legitimate sale.”

Fleming assured him it was, according to a key witness identified as Oliver’s girlfriend, who’d gone with him to the deal. Fleming and Oliver had been communicating about the sale via Facebook Messenger.

When they met up, Fleming approached Oliver’s car and asked if his stuff was “good gas.” Oliver provided him with a sample, according to court documents. Fleming then leaned against the car’s windowsill and drew a gun. He pointed it at Oliver and told him to “give me all your [expletive].”

Oliver tried to drive off, but Fleming fired. Oliver’s girlfriend didn’t see the weapon go off, but she recalled hearing the gunshot. Oliver told her he’d been shot.

He then crashed his car into a retaining wall and spun the vehicle over a curb into the fence at an adjacent baseball park. His girlfriend called 911.