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INDIANAPOLIS – While checks could arrive next week for Hoosiers awaiting their Automatic Taxpayer Refund payments, we have a clearer idea of when direct deposit payments will hit bank accounts.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will start issuing the second Automatic Taxpayer Refund in “late August.” The payments will include $200 for individual taxpayers and $400 for married couples filing jointly.

The money, the centerpiece of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s inflation relief plan, is the result of Senate Bill 2, which passed during the special session. Holcomb signed it into law on Friday, along with the state’s abortion bill.

The governor originally proposed payments of $225 from the state’s surplus. The amount ended up being $200 after negotiations between the House and Senate.

The Department of Revenue continues to send out the $125 payments from the initial Automatic Taxpayer Refund. As of Aug. 3, DOR has issued more than 1.5 million refunds to more than 2.1 million taxpayers totaling $254 million, according to its website.

DOR began sending the refunds in May.

Hoosiers who were eligible for the $125 payment are also eligible for the $200 one. Those who received the first payment via direct deposit will also receive the second one via direct deposit.

Some taxpayers who weren’t eligible for the initial $125 will qualify for the $200. Instead of a direct payment, however, they’ll receive a $200 tax credit when filing a tax return next year.

To receive the $200 credit, taxpayers must have received Social Security benefits in 2022 and must not be claimed as a dependent on a 2022 Indiana income tax return, according to DOR.

If there’s a problem with your direct deposit information—for example, you changed banks since filing your tax return—you may receive a check in the mail instead.

The Auditor of State’s Office is overseeing the printing and mailing of checks. The office expects to send 1.7 million checks by early October.

The checks will include combined payments for those who haven’t yet received the original Automatic Taxpayer Refund. Amounts will also be consolidated for married couples filing jointly, which means some of the checks will total $650.

Whether you’re expecting your money via direct deposit or mailed check, you should wait until Nov. 1 to contact the state about the status of your payment.

The state is reminding people to beware of any refund-related scams:

The Auditor of State’s Office and Indiana Department of Revenue remind Hoosiers to be mindful of potential scams regarding Automatic Taxpayer Refunds. All refunds will be issued by direct deposit or check. Individuals should ignore any texts, emails or phone calls regarding these refunds, especially messages containing links or requesting personal or financial information such as Social Security or bank account numbers.