NOBLESVILLE — The city of Noblesville recently bought out a beloved local Mexican restaurant in preparation for new construction.

The restaurant, El Camino Real, posted on their Facebook page July 25 that they were being “forced to close on 7/31/22”.

The post reads as follows:

“Dear Community of Noblesville and close friends, with sadness and heartbroken, we want to inform you all that due to the construction projects of the city of Noblesville as we respect, we are forced to close on 7/31/22, our place of work and second home for many of us for almost 25 years.

And a place where we meet wonderful people, who we saw grow and grow their own kids and also the those who went ahead of us to the heaven. We take and keep with us many beautiful memories of all the families who always supported us and been part of our lives. We thank you all for this almost 25 years. We will miss you and we will always carry you in our hearts. We hope to see you in the future.

From all the staff of El Camino Noblesville. thanks for sheering you best memories with us. God Bless us all. Thank you.. Thank you!

The restaurant then posted Wednesday that they needed to close earlier than July 31 due to a staffing shortage.

“Noblesville friends, we did our best to keep open until the 31st of this month. Unfortunately with the shorted notices of vacant our staff needed to relocate in a new job. We wish them the best and thank for their help. As well to all your support and affection given all this 25 years to us.

We respect all your opinions and hope you respect us as well, as we try to do the best for all our clients these many years. Unfortunately with the offer that was giving and poor communication it was not helpful for us to relocate. Thank you. Thank you.”

FOX59 reached out to the city of Noblesville for a comment and have yet to hear back.

One person commented on a Noblesville Facebook chatter post talking about the closure and claimed the city gave El Camino Real over half a million dollars to permanently close. Someone else commented saying the restaurant allegedly was originally offered relocation by the city and they declined.

FOX59 reached out to the restaurant as well for comment and have yet to hear back.

A local Dairy Queen across the street from El Camino is also anticipating its closure soon. The Noblesville Dairy Queen posted on their Facebook page July 25 about its closure, the same day El Camino originally announced their closure.

“It’s time to stock your freezer with DQ treats! We don’t know how much time we have left but we’re busy every day making Buster bars, Dilly bars, DQ sandwiches, Fudge nut bars, Chipper sandwiches and Dillywiches.

We’re one of the few stores left that still make our own instead the mass produced ones. Come in and see us before the soon to be road construction takes down.”

For a complete list of the City of Noblesville’s plans for new construction, you can visit their website here.