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UPDATE (Nov. 8, 2022): Police arrested a 19-year-old in connection with the shooting.

MUNCIE, Ind. — A grieving family is searching for answers after a woman was killed and another was injured in a shooting in Muncie Friday afternoon.

“This was a tragic loss of life that was completely unnecessary, and it just will not be tolerated by our agency and members of this city,” said Deputy Chief Chris Deegan.

Police said detectives do not believe either victim was an intended target in the shooting, calling it a ‘senseless act of violence.’

According to the Muncie Police Department, officers responded just after 4:30 p.m. to 818 S. Monroe Street to a report of shots fired, which quickly turned into a call for a report of a person shot.

MPD said officers found a 37-year-old woman who was suffering from gunshot wounds inside the home. She was taken to the hospital, where she was reportedly in stable condition.

Directly next door, police noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the exterior of the home and made entry, locating a second victim, 43-year-old Joanie Elaine Webb, who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“She’s just a loving person. She’ll always do anything for anybody,” said Kira Hammond, Webb’s family member. “Whatever they were trying to accomplish, was it really worth that?”

Hammond said Webb was her ‘everything,’ and the pair had been each other’s rock for as many years as she can remember. She said Webb was sitting at home in her favorite spot, minding her own business, when the shooting happened.

“The hurt is just unbearable when it’s so senseless,” said Hammond.

Family and friends of Webb said she never bothered anyone; she loved all animals, enjoyed going out to play bingo, and loved spending time with her grandchildren. They said she welcomed a granddaughter just days before she was killed.

“She has touched every single person she’s ever met,” said Hammond.

Webb’s loved ones said she fought two different types of cancer and beat both, only to be taken in such an unexpected and tragic way.

“The Lord didn’t take her through different these trials and tribulations for her life, to have this big testimony for her life, for a bullet come through her window, or through her door, her wall, and hit her and kill her. Period. I refuse to believe that,” said Hammond.

Family is begging anyone with information on the shooting to come forward.

“As long as nobody is doing it, nobody is saying nothing, it’s gonna keep happening. It’s gonna be somebody else sitting here crying,” said Hammond.

Police said they know there is information out there, but they need the community to work with investigators and speak up.

“We know that information’s out there. We’ve been told that people have information that don’t want to be involved, and that’s a problem,” said Deegan. “When people don’t come forward when they have the information that’s needed, it’s hard for us to put closure to and get justice for these victims.”

Deegan said MPD detectives have been working nonstop since Friday on the case.

“Like I’ve always said, the community needs the police department; the police department needs the community. The two need to work together,” Deegan said.

Right now, MPD is asking anyone with doorbell or home surveillance cameras to review any footage from around the time of the crime Friday and let investigators know if it captured anything that may provide some answers in the investigation.

“So, for individuals that have information that aren’t willing or don’t want to come forward, obviously there’s an understanding of safety concerns, but at the end of the day, this is a horrific tragedy that resulted in the loss of life. That has to come first,” said Deegan.

Community activist and friend of the Webb family, Marwin Strong, who founded Delaware County-based grassroots movement, “Enough is Enough,” said he was heartbroken and angry when he learned of Friday’s shooting.

“To hear that type of news, it hurts you from all levels,” said Strong. “From a stray bullet into her house, just watching TV and minding her business, it should alarm people not only in Muncie but all around the world how senseless this is and it must stop. This is the final call for such a thing like this,” said Strong.

Strong invited community members to a vigil that will be held in the 800 block of S. Monroe Street, where the shooting happened Friday. It will be held at 6 p.m. Monday night.

“We want to bring awareness and most of all, find a solution. We do have a solution to stop this senseless crime that we’re doing,” said Strong. “There’s other ways you can resolve these situations without gun violence.”

“Be strong, stay in prayers, and just understand that this needs to be taken care of because we can’t lose nobody else this special,” said Hammond.

No arrests have been announced by Muncie police.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting is being asked to call Muncie police detectives at (765) 747-4867 or the Drug Task Force at (765) 747-4866.