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MONTPELIER, Ind. — Family and neighbors are mourning the loss of a Montpelier man and his young great-grandson who were killed when a suspected drunk driver plowed through a home and into a porch filled with people.

As previously reported, 74-year-old Jerry “Jake” Michael and 5-year-old Jenson Reynolds were killed when a driver hit them on June 2.

Brandi Bare

“The grandpa, Jake, the one that got killed, they was all super nice over there,” said neighbor Jamie Winningham. “They always, anything you, well, if you needed anything they would help.” 

Police arrested Brandi Bare, 46, after witnesses at the scene identified her as the driver. According to court documents, police said her speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot, and she smelled of alcohol.

Jerry Michael is the son of Jake and uncle of Jenson. He expressed his frustration over Bare’s bond being set at $5,000.

“She has a $5,000 bond. Is that all my family is worth? She destroyed a family. She killed my dad, killed my nephew. It should have never happened.”

According to WANE, supporters of the Michael family held a protest Monday at the city hall in Hartford City, calling for the $5,000 bond to be revoked.

“We’re hurting… it’s amazing this whole community came together… I have no words. It’s just unbelievable,” Jenson’s uncle Braxton told WANE.

Photos provided by family

Bare is charged with two counts each of causing death when driving while intoxicated, reckless homicide and causing serious bodily injury when driving while intoxicated.

As of Tuesday morning, Bare is still an inmate at the Blackford County Jail.

A petition to revoke Bare’s bond currently has more than 7,700 signatures.

“We’re tough, were made of steel.. we might bend but we ain’t gonna break,” said Jerry Michael.

If you want to know more about the details of Bare’s arrest and how police say she tried to escape while in custody, we have more here.